About me

 (France, 1975) I live and work in St Pierre des Champs(FR) and Capraia e Limite(IT)

Hello, my name is Rachel and I was born in a small sheepfold in the south of France. I grew up in a hippie atmosphere, surrounded by goats, barefoot and wild. My parents, then newlyweds, in disagreement with the codes dictated by the French society of the sixties had decided to settle in a ruin, to make cheese and to live in self-sufficiency. Being however bourgeois strains inserted in the industrial and artistic circles they had received a strict and culturally rich education. I was therefore imbued with two opposing social contexts. After this idyllic childhood I had to confront the rhythm of the city and continue my studies. Once the linguistic high school finished I undertook three years of faculty of letters and Art History. One day, without conviction on the desire to continue I saw on a TV show how molding sculptures; I had a revelation and I decided to specialize in the art of restoring art works. So I entered to the National School of Restauration of Avignon. We were only five or six girls per promotion, but the School of Fine Arts was next door, where other students, unlike us, were fortunately also boys and were concerned about creating. I always felt the need to be in touch with the works of art and I had a natural ability to create myself too, so I was convinced. In 2001 I graduated with a specialization in contemporary art restoration and I have since worked in this sector at the international level. Then, bored by France, I decided to leave. I was always seduced by the idea of ​​moving to NY, I thought it would come to fruition until I knew Tuscany. I opened my studio of restoration, creation and exhibition in Vinci during four years which then I transferred to Prato to the studio Interno8. It becomes in 2014 headquarters of  Artforms- independent space for visual arts, of which I am one of the founding members in which I hold the role of curator and artist. Artforms is also part of Puntocon-contemporaneo condiviso, network of eleven independent spaces in Prato.
In my artistic work I use various techniques, photography, video, drawing, sculpture or assemblages of found elements. I compare moments of my own biographical path, with ideas, symbols and universal concepts, in a continuous search for the hidden meaning of things. I propose through a constant self-critical look seasoned with irony, my desire to find a contact, to reach a complementarity, to identify a gap that can loosen the rifts between the perception of our daily rites and actions, and that of their multiple meanings.
Since 2016, I am part of the collective group FAMA - Four artists for a metastable art.   

1995 - Art History, University III, Montpellier, France
2001 - National School of art restauration, Avignon, France

2016 - Tumble Time. Curated by Spela Zidar, Spazio MOO, Prato
2014 - Vicine DiStanze. Curated by Pierluca Nardoni, La bottega instabile, Bologna
2007 - Contrastes. Curated by Alessandra Scappini, Cuccirelli art passages. Cassano Magnano (Va)

2018 - Artistic residence at the Centre de production artistique La Deviation. 20-30 august 2018, L’Estaque, Marseille

2018 - Gonzine n°7. Curated by Sarah Fisthole, Paris
2017 - Sur la page, abandonnés Vol 2. Les éditions extensibles, Paris.
BAU 14 – GPS. Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, GAMC, Viareggio.
2016 - BAU 13- Dress Codex, Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, GAMC, Viareggio.
2010 - La revue des gens biens et pas bien du tout n°2, Paris

2020 - Ghost Attractor, FAMA: V.Lapolla, E.Sauer, T.Villani, R. Morellet. Mom Art Space, Hamburg.
2019 - Iconosmach, Palazzo Wagner-Fontana, Firenze. Curated by Valeria d’Ambrosio. 
PAC Printemps de l’Art Contemporain, La Déviation, Marseille. 
 Symballein. Curated by Artforms e DimoraOz for Creative Wear, Museo del Tessuto, Prato. Iasi, Romania. Palermo, Sicilia.
Je vois de la lumière noire, R. Morellet/R. Di Vaia. Curated by Spela Zidar, SACI Gallery, Firenze.
2018 - Potlatch. Curated by “La Deviation”, l’Estaque, Marseille.
La confidentielle. Station Galerie, curated by LFDAC. Paris. 
2017 - Skumaz, a metastable state. Pavillon di Villa Romana, Firenze
2016 - PAC 180 - Serate Illuminate. 2016 Centro Franco Basaglia, Livorno
Teach back + io vedo , io guardo “CRAC centro Ricerca Arte Contemporanea: Ten years 2004 - 2014”, Careof, Milano
Best Wishes. Curated by Alessandra Scappini, Meridiana Country Hotel, Calenzano (FI)
2015 - Missing Masses #11 – Oltrecittà. Curated by Giacomo Bazzani, Villa la Magia, Quarrata (PT)
Io vedo, Io guardo. Mostra itinerante a favore del CRAC di Cremona.Curated by Annalisa Cattani, Spazio Artforms, Prato.
Missing Masses #2 – Immagina su questo lato. A cura di Giacomo Bazzani, Spazio Hungry Eyes, Milano.
2014 - Indipendents - Fiera ArtVerona Curated by Start with Art, Verona.
Vitraria Glass+ Art Museum. Curated by Ewald Stastny, Palazzo Nani Mocenigo, Venezia.
ni Haut ni BAs. Curated by Alessandro Gallicchio, Galleria MOO, Prato.
2013 - Total Space/Spazio Totale. Curated by Alessandra Scappini, D’A spazio d’arte Sincresis, Empoli.
IN/Contemporanea Via Genova. Curated by Via Genova 17, Contemporanea Festival 2013, Prato.
Riflessi d’Italia. A cura di Chiara Argenteri e Angela Memola, Spazio Cu.Bo, Bologna.
2012 - Art Garden. Giardino dell’Orticoltura, Firenze.
2010 - New Babylon: osservatorio di metamorfosi. Private Flat #6. Curated by Alessandro Gallicchio e Alessandra Acocella, Firenze.
"..." François Morellet, Rachel Morellet/Julien Lavigne, Florent Morellet. Curated by Francesco Funghi and Sara Vannacci, Spazio Vault, Prato.
2009 - HSP - Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis. Curated by Francesco Funghi and Sara Vannacci, Studio MDT, Prato
2007 - 9 zoom sulla quotidianità. Curated by Sol Henaro, Officina giovani, Prato
De Soto, esplora te stesso (Emily Dickinson). Curated by Alessandra Scappini, D’A spazio d’arte Sincresia, Empoli 2006
D.A.B, Oggetti d'arte e di design. Palazzo comunale, Modena.
2006 - Rotte Metropolitane 2005. Curated by Lorenzo Bruni, SACI, Florence. 2006
Fallen Angel. Galleria Federico Bellini, Cascina (PI)
2005 - APRE RiartEco, 7°edition, Winner of the 1° price RiartEco, Firenze.

2019 - Symballein. R. Morellet/P. Gori. Curated by Artforms e DimoraOz for Creative Wear, Museo del Tessuto, Prato. Iasi, Romania. Palermo, Sicilia.
Je vois de la lumière noire, R. Morellet/ R. Di Vaia. Curated by Spela Zida, SACI Gallery, Firenze.
2018 - BAU 15 – OUT. Project with FAMA: V.Lapolla, E.Sauer, T.Villani, R. Morellet. Contenitore di Cultura Contemporanea, GAMC, Viareggio.
2016 - Omaggio a Henry James Performance “Con te” di Erica Romano con l’opera “Alterstate”, Palazzo Reale, Genova.
Under Vision + FOG. Performance di e con Eugenia Coscarella e Anna Solinas, in scena con l’opera “Alterstate”. I Maccelli No Theater, Certaldo (FI)
Habitat, La ricomposizione. Di Gloria Campriani Curated by Alessandra Frosini, Palazzo Pretorio, Certaldo Alto (Fi)
2012 - Notte Contemporanea Via Genova, Lamortellevigne: Rachel Morellet/Julien Lavigne. Curated by Corte Genova 17, Contemporenea Festival 2012, Prato 2011 - Shameless, Privat Flat 7. Lamortellevigne: Rachel Morellet/Julien Lavigne. Curated by Alessandro Gallicchio e Alessandra Accocella, Firenze

2018 - Workshop with students from Liceo linguistico, Firenze. Curated by Associazione Artour, Villa Romana, Firenze.
2017 - Territori Contemporanei 2016/17. Workshop and exhibition with students from Liceo Artistico of Montemurlo. Curated by CUT, Prato.
2007 - Networking - Integration and conflict. Curated by Giacomo Bazzani, Villa Renatico Martini, Monsummano terme (PT)
2004 - Networking - My home una casa in città. Curated by Arianna di Genova, TRA ART. Firenze

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